Precious Moments   
A Moment In Time 


A Moment in Time  

    As long as the sun will provide the earth with day light, and the moon will provide the earth light at night, and as long as the mighty forces of gravity continues to secure humanity on the earth surface, changes will occur.  There is what is known as the International Dateline.  The International Dateline separates today from tomorrow, the past from the future, realities from dreams, hope from despair and faith from doubt.  

    The International Dateline is present with us now, for it is just as imaginary at this moment in time, as it is in its proper setting.  Yet, what is real concerning this line is if you stood directly on it you would freeze time.  What lies ahead could never be explored, and the opportunities that wait could never be grasp, if we fail to seek out our visions, hopes and dreams.  We are constantly striving for a new day, and we must also remember that our future is composed from new ideas and new realities.  

    Let’s suppose your employer’s mission statement reads: “We are dedicated to being the world’s best in class at bring people together, giving them easy access to each other and to the information and services they want and need, anytime and anywhere.”   Now vision yourself as being the world best at what you do.  One important question to keep in mind is am I trying to make money or solve problems or both?  There’s much potential, opportunities and consideration to examine.  A moment in time may be the chance you’ve been waiting for with no strings attached.  The whole is always greater than its parts alone.  

    Dreamers will hold fast in their heart to their visions and siege the moment to accomplish realities.  Without vision you may fail to see opportunities all in a moment in time.  Without hope, or without a dream, or without a goal, and without a belief system, “Wisdom for Intrinsic Fulfillment” cannot assist you.  We gain momentum when we believe that location B exist and with determination to find a  way or detour to arrive there.  

    In addition, as we accomplish our mission you will experience joy and happiness, all in a moment in time.  Its a win-win situation, no turning back because its not an option.  I’ll see you at the top!


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