​​​​​​​More prospects than paid customers (change to more customers) For those who are interested, I will share with you how Epiphany-Love evolved.  After retiring from a telecommunication’s company with thirty-five years of service, I decided to improve myself with a balanced lifestyle.  I thought I was ready to meet life’s challenges again.  However, (typing on the computer) about different subject matters was an endless task and I could not determine the outcome?  What was I going to do with all of this paper besides throwing it away?  

Well, one day I really did have an Epiphany or (light bulb moment) and things began to brighten.  The dictionary’s meaning for Epiphany is a sudden manifestation of the essences or meaning of something.  A comprehension or perception of a sudden intuitive realization.   Needless but I’m happy to say that it’s exactly how it happens.  

Epiphany-Love foundation is base on to teach, to learn, to support, to    problem solve and provide awareness.  Transparent to wisdom, patience and apply the application of knowledge.  (A Call to take action)

Are you observing and discerning with the help of a team the number one issue when problem solving?   We don’t always.  (1) First we must address and solve some of those important issues of poverty before we begin to tackle educational poverty issues for kindergarten – twelfth grades.  (2) The international food problem is not necessarily our main focus, but first and foremost the “international distribution” of the food are essential.   

It’s important that we make decisions and choices to the best of our ability.  Our decisions and choices will play a positive or negative role base on our lifestyle.  We will address being equipped to analyze and comprehend the difference between the big picture oppose to the smaller picture.  Long term oppose to short term benefits.  

 My goals for my new company’s venture will focus on the Heart, A Sound Mind and the Fruit of the Spirit.  The heart is associated with the mind and our brain.  We strive daily to walk in peace, faith. gentleness, loves, joys and hope.  (Examples of the Fruit of the Spirit)


Wisdom, Education and Wellness


Greatest Gift of All Is A Balanced Life Style​​​​​

Cincinnati - For first-time author Willa R. Boykin, success is defined by a balanced life and at peace with mankind.  She wrote Wisdom for Intrinsic Fulfillment and Sickle Cell Anemia Challenges: Courage To Face Adversity.  She wanted to show young people how to achieve the serenity that she, now  a grandmother, found only after years of struggle.

Making A Difference