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​College students

​College students stress, better known as student loan's can interfere and postpone your ability to think rational and function property while you are in transition.  Submitted to all young adults desiring to make the transition to improve on their current lifestyle.  All who would like to become an over-comer from stress, better known as student loan's join us.  

​Happiness is a great example of decision making.  We do not hold anyone responsible or hostage for making oneself to be happy.  We will spend time in the area of decision making.  Choices as you will learn are part of the life style cycle.  Wisdom is ideal for college alumni, church college alumni and those college alumni involved in group coaching.  Making a difference is what we do best.  

​We will add on a small group of children, no more than thirty-five.  Ages starting at ten through twelfth grade.  These are the children that my staff and EpiphanyLoveLLC will mentor. We love these children and we want the best for all.  

     You may see people most of the time as friendly or as a person that you would like to meet and become friends.  I see people as leaders and champions.  During my employment career one of my privileges were the assignment to telephoto newspaper and the coverage of special events.  We stayed busy and "Yesterday's news was considered history."  It allowed me the opportunity to take notice of what might become the news of today.

​​     The coverage was pertaining to a leader or future leader, sports and who would become the new or remaining champs.  I also had knowledge of their representatives in their camps and also discovered rapport.  To give of your resources, time, talents and knowledge and to hand off to local communication company's were essential to the service being provided.  My service to AP, UPI, and Reuter's  was never compromised and had no bearing on my abilities to function in a capacity of excellency.

​     It remains today as a contributing factor in honesty, what are the facts, teaching excellency and poised.  The subject matter for communication was on going and the focus was on the primary subject and not ten multi or secondary matters.  I became a volunteer at the 1996 Summer Olympic games held in Atlanta.  My assignment took me to Olympic Village where the athlete stayed.  My observation of the athletes became very important to me as they were focus on what they needed to do to win or become the champion.  

A little unknown secret that I will share with you about EPIPHANY-LOVE, LLC   “It's more than just a mere light bulb moment.” Suddenly, it’s an opening of the mind, an opening to doors, an opening to how to make decisions.  It’s an investment that you will never regret. Please tell all of your friends. Excited are you and rightly so! College students stress, better known as student loan’s, can interfere and postpone your ability to think rational and function properly while you are in transition.  No discussions pertaining to sex are included.  

Wisdom, relationships and hope are subject matters taught in my book,  Wisdom for Intrinsic Fulfillment and "Sickle Cell Anemia Challenges: Coverage To Face Adversity."  Emphasis are placed on discussions on 
prosperity, student loan’s, honor, patience, listening and hearing, obedience and gratitude. In our discussions you will feel less stress because it does not merit as much of your attention.  

College students stress, better known as student loan’s, can interfere and postpone your ability to think rational and function properly while you are in transition. Those who enrolled became educated students with wisdom.
Learn how to distinguish between what we want to do, or what we need to do, and what we are willing to do for one another. Now refresh your mind 
and read what I just said twice. That’s because I want you to adapt and see 
yourself grow into maturity. Wisdom is more than you could ever imagine and bigger than your life.  

This is your gateway.  Do you want to see yourself rise to the top and a way out of your present environment?  Sickle Cell Anemia Challenges: Courage To Face Adversity and Wisdom for Intrinsic Fulfillment ($19.95) (books on self development for a balance lifestyle) DVD: Precious Moment ($5.00) all are for charity.
Why am I telling you, because I don’t want to see you on a path of destruction. Really it’s out there! We teach our students if you think you’re somebody, you can’t hang with a nobody.  Besides, I can show and tell you a 
better, cheaper, faster and easier way to arrive. College students stress, better known as student loan’s can interfere and postpone your ability to think rational and function properly while you are in transition.

Now is the time for all to decide, do I want to be held accountable for my negative actions?  Most people fail to realize that your key is design to unlock the future, prosperity, opportunity, positive power and a lifetime of 
wisdom.  Wisdom will never support negative attitude responses.  

If you like to travel, Wisdom will take you places you never dreamed. If you want to become an entrepreneur, wisdom will ask what’s in it for me? If you want to increase your revenue, enroll to become an educated student with wisdom. If your desires are inheritance for your family and grandchildren,  Wisdom says it’s achievable. It’s been tried, tested proven and guaranteed or your money back. Why settle for less?  
Need tips and preparation for college?  My staff and I can help to point you in the right direction.  We want what you want as long as it remains positive.  When we fall down we learn to get back up again.  There's another way to get from location "B" if you should get stuck.  To reach your destiny always listen, study, teach and it will leave to mastery.

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